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Prospective Tenants

Application Guidelines

The guidelines presented below are for renting any property that we have listed.
Application approval is by the owner of the property.

•    You should have a gross income at least 3 times the monthly rent amount
•    All residents over 18 may combine income
•    Credit score needs to be between 600-650 or greater
•    A clear Criminal Background Check for all residents occupying the property.  Unsatisfactory findings will result in denial.

•    Application fee of $32 per person 18yrs of age and older. (Cash, money order or check made payable to Re/Max Savannah and is non-refundable) and one month’s rent (certified funds made payable to Landlord).   If your application is approved, the rent will be applied at move-in and if declined, it will be refunded.  If your application is approved and you do not sign a lease, the rent will be forfeited.
•    All residents over 18yrs of age that will be occupying the property during the lease term will be required to complete an application to run a criminal background check only.  The fee for this process is $15.00 per related resident. (cash, money order or check made payable to Re/Max Savannah and is non-refundable)
•    Turn in your completed application between 9:00-5:00 Monday through Friday.  Processing cannot begin until the application fee and rent has been received.
•    A credit report, criminal background report and eviction report are ran from the data given on the application
•    Employment and income verification for each applicant
•    Normal processing time is 3-5 business days
•    All of our rentals require Security Deposit, 1st month rent and last month rent due before tenant takes possession of the property. There are payment plans available for payment of last month rent if needed. Last month rent will need to be paid in full before the last month of the current year lease gets here.
•    We do accept multiple applications for all of our rental properties. Each one is processed and reviewed. The property owner will make final decision on which application to accept.

Supporting Documentation
•    3 months recent pay stubs on each applicant
•    Valid Government Issued Photo ID on each applicant
•    Supporting documentation for other income, such as Social Security, Disability, Child Support, etc
•    2 years tax return if you are self-employed

Security Deposit
•    Equal to a minimum of one month’s rent
•    Due at Move-In walk through
•    Certified Funds or Money Order only

•    The number of occupants in any property is limited to 2 residents per bedroom

Pet Policy
•    All of our properties have a NO Pet Policy. There have been exceptions to this policy, only through owner approval. 
•    There is a $500 fee for the pet if owner has approved.
•    It is a maximum of one pet under 45 lbs
•    Tenant shall represent and warrant that he/she is not aware of any instance where pet has bitten a person.
•    If Owner requests, Tenant agree to provide and show proof of insurance naming Owner as additional insured, documentation the pet is up to date on shots and a letter from the Veterinarian.
•    A recent photo of pet must be provided.
•    Some insurance companies have “blacklisted” certain breeds of dogs and refuse to provide homeowners/renters insurance to those who own the dog breeds. The following 5 breeds have been identified as the most vicious and will not be allowed in the property under any circumstances: 1) Doberman Pinscher, 2) German Shepherd, 3) Rottweiler, 4) Bull Mastiff, and 5) American Pit Bull.
•    The following will be considered and if approved, Tenant must provide and show proof of insurance naming Owner as additional insured: 1) Chow Chows, 2) Siberian Huskies, 3) Perro de Presa Canarios, 4) Alaskan Malamutes, 5) Akitas, 6) Boxers, 6) Great Danes, 7) and Wolf-hybrids. Owner may require a written statement from a Veterinarian to verify the breed of the dog. This will be at Tenant’s expense.

Set an appointment. – Contact our office during business hours Mon -  Fri  9am – 5pm at (912) 748-7778 to schedule an appointment.

Holly Young
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